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Chef Ricardo Cardona 

The kitchen is his passion. It is the excuse to reinvent yourself, always creating new dishes with exquisitely unique flavors.

Ricardo Cardona is a Salvadoran chef who started his career working in some of the main French and American restaurants. His practical experience, of classical training, is evident in the creation of exquisite delicacies made with a wide range of culinary styles. During his visit to our island, he valued the varied and exquisite national gastronomy.

Cardona says he loves the Dominican Republic, because the Dominican community in the United States has always offered him a lot of support. He is currently in charge of eight restaurants, including the Dominican chain Mamajuana Café, which was born in New York City in August 2006. In 2009 he opened his second restaurant in Coral Gables, Miami.

Chef Cardona said that his success is due to his fascination for mixing ingredients, which is why he is considered the pioneer of the new Latin cuisine; and recognized as The Chef of the Stars, because his dishes have delighted Latin music figures, as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, as well as players of major leagues.

He assured that the gastronomic offer of the restaurant maintains the concept that identifies New York and Miami; offering diners the taste of French and European cuisine mixed with the exotic flavors of Latin cuisine.